An overview of the communications services offered by us

An overview of the communications services offered by us

Welcome to the Topic “An overview of the communications services offered by us” FreshStance, IT support is the premier provider of communication solutions for businesses in the UK. Our streamlined platform enables companies to collaborate more easily and securely, with various integrated tools to ensure efficient and effective communication.   From cloud-based file sharing to powerful video conferencing, FreshStance provides the technology that keeps companies connected wherever they are. In addition, we offer a variety of customizable features to help employers maximize efficiency in their corporate communications – all at an affordable price. 

The different communication services offered by FreshStance IT

FreshStance, IT offers a wide range of communication services, making it easier for businesses to stay connected regardless of size or location. Microsoft Teams is an innovative phone system that allows for crystal clear calls and collaborative video and audio conferencing whenever needed. Microsoft teams have been a user choice for years, but since the pandemic, there has been a real boost in its user base, which has increased up to 270 million in march 2022   We also offer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), an excellent cost-effective solution that can link multiple physical locations perfectly. FreshStance IT provides leased lines based on your specific needs for more tailored connections, including HSCN-booked lines for NHS integration   In addition to the above services, we also provide mobile business bundles—the Zoom service for remote working and audio and video meetings. Zoom is very popular in the World, The public from across the world has been using zoom, and according to the stats, more than 45 billion minutes of webinars were hosted by zoom in the year 2022. Radio/over-the-air broadband networking solutions are also available. Through these services, FreshStance IT enables seamless communication in whatever form may be required.

Benefits of our various communication services

  • Microsoft Teams provides a straightforward and cost-effective phone system, allowing users to chat or video call from anywhere. Through Microsoft teams, meetings can be made possible from various parts of the world, and we can do all the business remotely.    
  • VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is another great option for those looking to make and receive calls without the high upfront costs associated with traditional systems. With VoIP, the work can be done cost-effectively, saving capital for your business. 
  • Another reliable service for businesses with big data needs is leased lines that offer secure, consistent connections with fast uploads and downloads. That provides a solution for faster, more reliable, and more secure communications across the board. For NHS organizations looking to integrate their services, HSCN leased lines provide ultrafast speeds and a host of regulatory standards that meet the government’s requirements.
  • Mobile services are essential for businesses on the move to make sure calls are always connected and powerful enough to access data on demand.
  • Zoom is also a great option for companies that need an online conferencing tool; capable of hosting up to 500 people in a single meeting space with optimal clarity. 
  • Finally, radio/over-the-air broadband is possible if your company requires intensive communication such as streaming, gaming, or secure data transfer.
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