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IT for Remote Teams

IT for Remote teams working unlocks flexibility which provides businesses and their employees numerous benefits.

Fresh Stance IT For Remote Teams

The team at FreshStance have experience working from home, overseas and in various client offices, on-and-off, since 2006 — that’s over 15 years! And we’ve been helping others do the same for just as long. We’d love to share that experience with you and help you unlock the many benefits that remote working has to offer for your business.

We see the impact occurring in three main areas: modern office, emergencies, and disaster recovery.

Modern Office

Set up your business to go with modern times. With Remote teams, anything is possible, as your employees can work where and when it suits them best.

We can set up your remote teams to work full-time or have them embrace the hybrid-working life, working only a few days in the office and the rest from home.

Business Benefits

  • Bring in specialists when needed, from wherever they are
  • Flex capacity up or down to meet demand, without finding spare desks
  • Business Growth
  • Increased Profits
  • Improved staff retention
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced costs
  • Suitable for small or no office spaces

Employee Benefits

  • Less time wasted on commutes
  • Save money on overpriced sandwiches
  • More time spent with families
  • More time to pursue personal interests
  • Improved staff retention
  • Working wherever and whenever is most productive

FreshStance IT can help you figure out if you need SharePoint sites or Teams chats, voice over IP to Teams calling plans, Google docs or Office 365, or Trello, or Smartsheet, Zoom, or any other distributed work tools that you find overwhelming! We take the time to understand your business and its needs so that we can offer a tailored service to better help solve any challenges with integrating remote team working.

Emergencies Remote working is often a viable solution to help avoid any potential losses that emergencies, such as snow days, major road accidents or disaster recovery situations, such as office building fires and Chemical spills (depending on your business sector).

Remote worker security We can help you protect the data of your business and the data of your customers (for businesses that use a Customer Relationship Management system). We have clients with high compliance requirements who we’ve successfully set up to work remotely.

Disaster Recovery Even if your team is mostly in the office, warehouse, hospital or factory-based you might still want remote access for various unplanned situations. We’ve provided remote access in both these situations to help customers continue to deliver their services with minor hiccups.

Our service includes:

  • Access to files and folders
  • Various secure VPN solutions to provide remote access to PC’s, remote desktops and servers
  • Telecoms – voice & video
  • Virtual whiteboard for collaboration
  • Presentations and webinars
  • Remote Desktop Servers and Terminal Servers
  • Secure cloud solutions

Done well remote working lets employees, management and business owners work effectively, securely and profitably wherever they need to be. The wrong solution means support tickets, excuses, lost data and lost time.

Invisible & effective IT Support,
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Unreliable IT support that fails to respond to your pressing needs can lead to frustration at both your data and the productivity of your business being at risk.

With FreshStance IT Support, you can be working faster, smoother and cheaper, allowing you to focus your attention on expanding your business.
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Based on 14 reviews.
Tom Boswell
Tom Boswell
Steve and his team - George and Tom, have been catering for our IT needs for over 3 months now and we have found them to be helpful, responsive and very capable. We'd highly recommend them. Thanks guys!
Anna Kostina
Anna Kostina
Helped me remotely to fix printer issues - and updates the whole system as well! Great support and fast response, highly recommend!
Dean Paas
Dean Paas
Highly recommended. Great service and reassuring to have Freshstance at my disposal to support my business.
Happy Days Children's Charity
Happy Days Children's Charity
We honestly can't overstate how helpful Fresh Stance have been with their IT support. Astonishingly good value and a professional, knowledgable team that make time to solve our IT issues even out of hours. Top marks!
Karen Turner
Karen Turner
We have used FreshStance for many years and have always found them to be professional, responsive and competent.
Murat Kurt
Murat Kurt
Steve is very professional, quick, helpful, he knows what he does. As a firm we are so happy to work with FreshStance IT. We are so happy to work with Steve. Highly recommended.
Terry Howard
Terry Howard
Great service from these guys
Earl Franklin
Earl Franklin
Fantastic support provided by Fresh Stance. I have used them for over 12 months and can highly recommend their services.
Clive Ricmond
Clive Ricmond
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We have over 20 years experience supporting businesses from various industries and businesses of all sizes, from one-man bands and startups to international enterprises with hundreds of employees, franchisees and contractors.
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Based on 14 reviews

Our team are some of the most qualified in the industry holding multiple qualifications from industry leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, Epson and industry standards such as ITIL and Prince2.
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We take the time to understand your business and industry so we can highlight the right IT solutions to give you a real competitive advantage. You can trust us to bring the experience and knowledge that will help deliver real value to your business’ future.