IT Support for Remote Workers:

IT Support for Remote Workers:    Working from home is becoming much more commonplace as time passes, however, this comes with the complication of having to outsource IT support services, due to no engineers being on site at an employee’s home. At Freshstance, we are able to provide IT support, on site, or remotely, no matter the location. This can help ensure that all employees are able to work effectively, without having to worry about the hassle of dealing with complex technical issues.   Seven ways IT support can assist remote workers: Providing high quality IT support to remote workers is one of our specialties. Below are a few of a multitude of steps we take to ensure that the process is as smooth as we can possibly make it.  
  • 24/7 Availability: 
Remote working may include irregular hours, which can make an end user feel as if they are alone if they encounter technical issues. By being available on call 24/7 we are able to assist a user no matter the time of day, or location. This allows the end user to continue their work, with minimal interruptions, by eliminating long waiting times.  
  • Providing remote devices and desktops:
There are many advantages of a business providing their own equipment to remote workers. One of these, is the fact that it is much easier to implement security protocols in order to prevent data breaches. However, if a business is to offer a BYOD scheme, a strict MDM (Mobile Device Management) policy must be enforced. The reason an MDM policy must be enforced is if a non-secure device connects to a company’s internal network, it can pose a large security risk, since it will be able to propagate malware throughout the network.    
  • Implementation of security protocols:
The biggest cybersecurity threat to a business is social engineering (SE). SE training is necessary in informing employees of the methods cybercriminals use to compromise them, and their accounts. By training employees, they will be far more likely to spot an SE attack, before it happens, instead of having to deal with the repercussions of a companywide breach. Furthermore, it is important to keep a suite of security software on all devices used within a business, such as an antivirus, and firewall.  
  • Embracing the cloud:
The use of the cloud in businesses is becoming much more common, due to many factors. A few of these factors can include extremely easy scalability and very high uptime. Furthermore, cloud backups are now a standard route of keeping secure replicas of your data. Many companies still copy their data onto unencrypted drives and store them on site. With cloud backups, this allows you to securely store your backups off site, in the case of natural disaster.    
  • Easy to use remote sessions:
The native functionality of our remote sessions allows users to grant permission to the IT staff to access their computer without any intervention. This is extremely helpful in the event that the end user isn’t too well versed in technology. Furthermore, by eliminating steps on the end user’s end, this can help save a lot of time for the user, since the process is controlled by the IT administrator.    
  • Secure VPN configuration:
VPNs are an essential tool in being able to work remotely, as they allow employees access to the company’s infrastructure as if they were physically present. However, these VPNs can pose a large security risk if not configured correctly. If configured incorrectly, such as, with inadequate or a lack of encryption, attackers may be able to listen in on the remote connection and capture sensitive data.    
  • Varying methods of communication:
By providing a variety of methods of communication, users are able to choose which method they feel is most suitable for the conversation at hand. For example, if a meeting is particularly intensive, or requires interactivity, the host may prefer to set up a video call, instead of a regular voice call. This can be preferable since it may help promote interactivity and collaboration between users.   Conclusion: Many companies are facing issues finding a suitable and reliable IT support system for remote workers. With Freshstance, we are able to provide a reliable, cost-effective IT support service for all of your technological needs at any time. Furthermore, our processes make it extremely easy for remote workers to reach out for help regardless of their technological experience.   For more information, please visit our website: