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Hi Catherine, I would like to thank you for introducing us to Steve Fox, Fresh Stance IT recently. My husband’s business is predominantly online and so when our PC stopped working we were keen to get it sorted ASAP. After a brief conversation with Steve, my husband dropped our PC to his office. Steve was very honest with us and explained that, whilst the PC could be fixed, the cost of doing so would make it a pretty much nonviable option. Thankfully Steve was able to back up everything from the old PC and put the data onto disc for us – including several of my husband’s paintings that we had not got round to backing up ourselves! Steve was then kind enough to drop our PC and discs back to our house for us and gave us a good recommendation of where to start when looking for a new PC. Steve was honest and professional and reasonably priced – we would not hesitate to use him again. Many thanks again for the recommendation

Client: Lisa Murphy
Company: Embrace Consultancy