Happy Days Charity - Client since 2016
Type of business: Children's Charity
Services used:

Web Services: fix, secure, optimise and protect website, Installed Office 365 to workstations, Cloud Solutions: server and email, Full network and security audit, Reconfigure server and workstations
Full anti-virus protection, Ongoing 24/7 remote support

What we did: Happy Days is a small charity that makes a big difference. In 2016 Happy Days experienced significant IT problems. An ageing infrastructure, failing server and outdated software undermined the efficiency of operations, and both the website and email were unreliable. Despite having employed a series of consultants, Happy Days could not find the right IT solution. Providers were often difficult to reach and offered no remote support, taking days to respond to issues.
Client: Rob Cox
What our client says:

They always react quickly, even out of office hours... FreshStance were different to our previous providers... The crisis management response from FreshStance was absolutely fantastic

Rob Cox
Full details:

FreshStance worked closely with Happy Days to develop workable IT solutions, meeting their immediate and longer-term requirements. Prioritising the need to get the charity back online, the FreshStance technical team quickly restored the Happy Days website and email service.
“The crisis management response from FreshStance was absolutely fantastic”, said Rob Cox. “They worked outside of hours to get us back up and running and they managed to do so very, very quickly.”

Having brought the charity’s systems back to life, FreshStance discovered a variety of IT issues. Perhaps the most urgent of these was the lack of offsite back up – a solution, which Happy Days’ previous provider had failed to install.

FreshStance carried out a full network audit and moved quickly to reconfigure the existing server and install cloud back up. This gave Rob and his team complete peace of mind that charity data was stored securely, and could be accessed by staff from multiple locations.

“Security was certainly one of the issues that we were concerned about. Just knowing that our work is backed up and secure is so important to us”, said Rob. FreshStance also migrated Happy Days’ emails to the cloud, enabling colleagues to access work remotely and allowing full calendar sharing. Longer term solutions were developed to match the charity’s needs. FreshStance’s technical specialists worked with the Happy Days team to build and deliver bespoke project support, providing lasting IT solutions, scalable for the future.

“FreshStance were different to our previous providers”, explains Rob.

“They spent time looking at our systems so that they could recommend solutions which were right for us. They put things in place which were right from the start, rather than adopting a sticking plaster approach. They made sure that the set up was right for our needs.”

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