King’s Fertility Clinic - Client since 2017
What we did: King’s Fertility is a private clinic, which was formerly the Assisted Conception Unit at Kings College Hospital, before leaving NHS control in 2017. Up until 2017 King’s Fertility had been using pre-existing NHS provided systems. Due to the processor heavy application needed for much of their IVF work, this was putting a severe strain on the ageing servers and workstations.
Client: Irodotos Nikolaidis
What our client says:

Freshstance managed the installation well. They had to liaise with a busy NHS IT department – with other priorities, our software provider and a data provider which was suffering with outage issues” said Irodotos Nikolaidis of King’s Fertility. Freshstance now provide ongoing IT support for King’s Fertility Clinic across multiple specialized software products. I would definitely choose Freshstance again

Irodotos Nikolaidis
Full details:

The knock-on effect for staff, and patients, was lengthy delays in workstations booting up, systems running very slowly and regularly crashing if multiple applications were running.
Technical assistance was essential to ensure the smooth running of the clinic and ongoing patient satisfaction.

Kings Fertility knew Freshstance from the IT work they had carried out for The Fetal Medicine Foundation, one of the clinic’s partners, and approached them for a solution.
Freshstance did a full audit and analysis of the clinic’s current IT set-up and possible alternatives. This included full TCO comparisons of different combinations of servers, workstations and cloud services.

Based on King’s Fertility’s mix of IT needs including office, clinical and theatre use, Freshstance identified the workstation and server solution that would be the most efficient and cost effective for the clinic. Freshstance also configured the servers for High Availability so if a server does go offline everything can carry on working without disruption.

In order to minimize disruption to staff and patients, Freshstance made sure the replacement of the current systems was done mainly over a weekend, with almost no downtime to the clinic’s systems – that’s not bad going for a wholesale replacement of workstations, servers and network infrastructure!
The installation had the added complexity of needing to adhere to the strict Information Governance and compliance requirements of the NHS – which as a specialist fertility clinic, King’s continues to work closely with.

This included adhering to data transfer requirements during the install, and making sure the way all data is handled on an ongoing basis, including email, is compliant with NHS Digital requirements.