Cloud Solutions

The cloud supports the flexible working policies that employees expect and improves collaboration, whether your workforce are all in one office or geographically dispersed.

FreshStance have embraced the cloud from day one. We understand the cloud as well as the benefits and potential pitfalls.

So we always take the time to gain a holistic understanding of your business, before proposing the solution that’s right for you.

Microsoft Office 365 – Cost savings & productivity gains!

Moving your email to Office 365 results in an enterprise grade solution maintained by Microsoft, reducing IT costs and freeing up IT team time to bring real value rather than simply fight fires.

Now used by companies of all sizes; from one man bands, to small and mid-size, right up to Microsoft and government.

Licence Benefits: Depending on the licence you choose, you will always be entitled to the latest release of Microsoft Office and allowed to install on 5 devices per user (e.g. your office PC and laptop, as well as your home tablet, PC and laptop). You can also store documents in the cloud with OneDrive or SharePoint Online, as well as do everything a traditional Office license will do.

Always have the latest version

No servers

No Exchange to manage

Email on all your devices

Use Office anywhere

Simplify collaboration

Online conferencing

Windows, Apple and Android

Virus and spam protection

Compliance and information protection available

Supports work from home & work from anywhere policies

Microsoft Office 365 Word Excel PowerPoint Access OneNote Lync Exchange Outlook

Top Level Security for SMEs: Hosted on the cloud, with security and resilience normally only available to large enterprises, your team can work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Office 365 makes a great contribution to your disaster recovery planning and a simple way to maintain productivity during power outages, snow days, fires, chemical leaks (or anything we haven’t seen already!) that stops your people getting to the office.

Minimized Costs: The best news is the financials. No big upgrade license costs, nor surprise replacement server bills. You just pay a small, predictable monthly cost per user. If your needs change simply buy more or less licenses to fit your requirements.

Migration: FreshStance have a tried and tested methodology for migrating you to Office 365. We’ll safely move your existing emails, calendars, contacts and other data while ensuring nothing is lost during the move. Once your Office 365 is safely running, our support teams will use all their experience to make sure you get the most out of your cloud hosted email system and all that comes with it.

Cloud Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure

Moving to the Cloud: If you’re running a server, in most cases it can be replaced with a cloud server. Hosting your infrastructure (including Active Directory, File Servers and Terminal Services) removes your dependency on internal servers and Internet connections.

Flexibility and Security: It gives you scalability and is a cost effective approach to disaster recovery and high availability. In most cases you won’t be able to tell the difference from having your servers onsite, until you re-purpose the server room into a more useful space or discover how flexible your cloud server is.

Other Benefits: Cloud hosting will reduce your costs (TCO information available), increase resilience and increase flexibility. Depending on your requirements, auto-scaling means you only pay what you need, but are always ready to meet demand.

Reliable - globally diverse datacentre solution

Inexpensive - reduce TCO, avoid major CAPEX

Scalable - up and down, whenever you need it

Flexible - access anywhere

No regular replacement projects or cost

Secure - enterprise security

Ideal for


Testing and Development

Website hosting

Database hosting (SQL etc)


Vendor Independent: We’re not tied to a single vendor. The majority of our cloud hosting solutions use Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. The different platforms have advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing What is Right for You: We’ll take the time to understand your requirements and recommend the right solution for your specific needs. Both companies ‘drink their own champagne’ – Amazon’s shopping sites have run on their own cloud for years and Azure is the cloud which powers Skype, Office 365, Bing and Xbox.

Cloud backup – No dataset too big or small

Do you hate…

  • Finding out someone has forgotten to change the tape again?
  • Having to buy more new tapes?
  • Having to run drive cleaning routines?
  • Being told that the drive has insufficient capacity so you need to spend thousands on a new one?
  • Having to find the right tape to restore the urgent file you need?
  • Discovering the crucial tape isn’t there when you need it because it’s stored offsite for best security?

Peace of Mind: Cloud solutions make all this simple. All data is backed up and restored securely to and from highly resilient data-centres. Cloud backup effortlessly protects files, databases, active directory and any other data you need it to. The whole service is fully monitored and managed and you pay for the storage you need today, not the storage you might need next year.

Windows Intune

Microsoft Intune

A Single Management Console

Microsoft Intune is a unified PC and mobile device management solution for businesses.

As well as antivirus and malware protection and patch management, cloud based Intune allows management from anywhere through a single management console.

• Virus and malware protection
• IT asset management
• Supports BYOD policies
• Mobile device management
• No infrastructure required
• Flexible licensing

Microsoft SharePoint Online – File sharing and Collaboration

Our talented SharePoint team deliver intelligent and efficient sites, customised to meet your specific needs.

Facilitated workshops: We use a tried and tested methodology where we work with you to identify the relevant individuals to attend facilitated workshops. This means that we can help you understand the capabilities of SharePoint by:

  • identifying where your business will benefit most
  • figure out the most efficient implementation structure
  • how to test, best upskill and train your team to get the most out of the solution.

A Business Approach: We don’t just look at the technology. Our commercially aware team will challenge your business to look at process optimisation and bring experience from other solutions, companies and industries to help you. We understand change management and incorporate Agile and Prince2 methodologies to ensure projects are delivered on schedule and on budget.

SharePoint Online







Advanced file store

Easy file sharing

Team sites

Personal pages

Look and feel to fit your organisation

OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

Microsoft OneDrive is the cloud replacement for My Documents, synchronising and storing all your documents and photos easily.

Access your files, anywhere: Like all cloud services it’s available anywhere, and from a browser if you’re not at your regular PC. With everything on the cloud you can access it from any internet connected device (even from most phones), any time you need to, wherever you need to.

Share and Be Safe: It’s really easy to share, whenever you want to, and keep things secure when you don’t! You get up to 15GB of space free, low monthly costs if you need more and 1TB of space if you’re an Office 365 subscriber. OneDrive is a great value solution that makes your life easier.

Working with SharePoint: If you’re using SharePoint Online then OneDrive for Business integrates to also allow offline access to the company files you need.

To find out how the cloud can improve your business and save you money…

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