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10 Reasons you shouldn’t have an inclusive IT support agreement.

Because what’s the point in hiring experts when you have Google one click away?


“All those certifications and training courses the IT guys have just make their email signature look cool to other geeks. Only idiots would believe that you can be an expert in IT. Ever heard of the phrase: just turn it off and on again? That and Google is all you need to fix your computer.”

What the modern workplace can do for you.

It’s clear to see that the workforce is going to move in a different direction no matter what, but can modern ways of working really reverse the more traditional ways of working that came into place along two hundred to three hundred years ago?


“…welcoming modern ways of working means that you will inevitably pull ahead of competitors – you will adapt more easily as technology changes in the near future and adapt more to how the younger generations are breaking away from the traditional ways of working.”

Tips when working from home-

Anyone can be hacked, at anytime. Hackers don’t discriminate, therefore target all businesses: big and small. Prevent this as much as possible by learning about and adapting to new cyber-security techniques.


“There has been a trend towards more flexible working for years, with both wfh and wfa seeing an increase. The recent pandemic has accelerated this change, forcing businesses who had been reluctant to allow remote and flexible working to at least accept, if not embrace the modern office approach to work.”

Cyber and Data Protection Insurance.

If you’re a small business and don’t have cyber-insurance, you may want to rethink your action plan; creating one that includes some real protection. Learn more about cyber-insurance, how you could be affected by cyber-crime, and what you can do to prevent it here.


“Cyber-crime can financially ruin a business, and all it takes is one hacker. This has been proven time and time again with both large and small corporations, therefore having cyber extortion protection on your side is a must have.”

How you can learn from other’s mistakes…

Anyone can be hacked, at anytime. Hackers don’t discriminate, therefore target all businesses: big and small. Prevent this as much as possible by learning about and adapting to new cyber-security techniques.


“As you are adapting to new forms of technology and doing your best at keeping up to date, so too are hackers. Worms, malware, bots, spyware, and many other forms of cyber-crime can easily affect your business.”

Outsourcing VS Insourcing: which will you chose?

If you’re a small business owner it’s crucial that you find out the best way of working that will benefit your business the most. Read this to consider the positives and the negatives of outsourcing, and figure out if outsourcing is best for you to succeed…


“Employees within any outsourced companies provide this higher quality of service as they offer a deeper knowledge surrounding IT generally and tend to have certain employees who specialise within the subject you’re having trouble with.”

A guide to Microsoft 365- prices, tools, apps, and updates.

With Microsoft 365 always updating, bringing in new applications and updates constantly, you want to be on top of things to make the most of it all. Here, you can learn more about price guide’s to figure out which plan is best for you, as well as discovering the latest updates and advantages.


“Each tool and feature within Microsoft 365 can be used to their own advantages, and can aid both individuals and teams within a business to succeed in becoming more efficient, improving teamwork, and communicate to the best of their abilities.”

Take a look at the benefits of using the Cloud, and see if switching to it is the right thing for your business…

If you’re still using a hard drive or not backing up your data and only keeping a copy on your PC or laptop, you’re just waiting to be hacked. With the question not being ‘am I going to be hacked?’ but instead nowadays ‘when will I be hacked?’, it’s vital to keep your data in a safe space.


“With technology becoming increasingly smarter- individuals and businesses have to keep up with it. This is where Cloud storage comes in…”